El Quinqué



Paseo Blas Infante s/n

RONDA, 29400

Tel: 633.778.181 / 608.272.205


HORARIO (abierto de Martes a Domingo)

Domingo a jueves 12:00h a 24:00h

Viernes y Sábado 12:00h a 3:00h

Lunes cerrado


Tablao Flamenco

The room, dedicated to the shows is a comfortable and intimate space and offers great closeness to the spectators, without visual or audible obstacle that prevents you to appreciate every detail of this wonderful art (maximum capacity 55 people).

                                                                              We offer two daily shows:                                                

                                                                    · 2:00 p.m. 45 minutes (€ 12 with drink included)  

                                                                    · 8:30 p.m. 80 minutes (€ 21 with drink included)


In them you will find a minimum of 5 artists, recognized and young with very good projection. They will perform touches, songs and dances of the more traditional and pure repertoire of flamenco. We present a weekly artistic program, which guarantees the variety and intensity of the shows.The entrance fee is 10 euros with drink included for the midday show and 18 euros with drink included for the evening show. In addition, before, during or after the show, guests can order their meals a la carte or through any of our menus, and also offer discounts.